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New: Eliminate Unsecured Debt i.e. Credit Cards

Would it surprise you to learn that banks use fraudulent accounting practices to put you into debt bondage and tie you down to usury with interest rates exceeding 20% on average? If you could expose your bank's fraud and legally eliminate debt without attorneys or without blemishes on your credit report, would you? If so read on....

credit card debt
Eliminate Debt Bondage

The banksters control the nations of the world, the private economy and individuals across the globe with one thing.... 'Debt'. They routinely conquer nations without firing a shot. It's simply a matter of making so many promises smiling the entire way, and loading up nations with debt. When they cannot repay, the banksters merely take over the assets of the country as in: highways, ports, energy production and more. The result is that what was once a government held asset run for the benefit of its people, is now in the hands of the private bankers who manage those assets for their own benefit and it's the people to pay out their substance to foreign bankers.

NATF is fighting back to eliminate debt and we invite you to join us

Based on the accounting forensics which have been discovered by a Master CPA and a bank auditor, we have the banking secrets. The bank auditor asked the CPA to keep this quiet but seeing how this fraud is destroying the personal economy of families nationwide and worldwide he couldn't keep it a secret. He had to expose the fraud.

Solution #1 - Eliminate Debt on your own credit cards

Imagine the impact of only 20% of 1 Billion credit cards currently in circulation legally cancelling the fraudulent debt. Imagine how this tidal wave of truth would affect the continued bank fraud. Not only that, but also imagine how this tidal wave of truth would affect the corrupt judges who try as hard as they can to protect the scam. With this popular uprising they'd no longer be able to keep up the charade!

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"Is the collapse [of] the World Trade Center and the collapse of Enron—both major financial powers in America—just a coincidence? Or is the Living Creator allowing these events to occur to prepare the way for His Remnant" to spoil their financial "Slavemasters"—just as they spoiled the Egyptians before they left Egypt? Certainly the credibility of the certified public accountants and auditors has suffered a major blow. Americans are beginning to realize that they need to demand a " FULL DISCLOSURE " and a " COMPLETE ACCOUNTING " from those who are supposed to be protecting their financial, as well as political, interests." – the Forward in 'Top Secret Bankers Manual'

Solution #2 - Join our PMA and Educate Yourself

Included in the Private Member Association membership are;

- 6 highly detailed and extensively researched books and manuals written by CPAs and experienced debt consultants to show you the law, the illegal practices, the sound morality for turning the tables on the money changers.

- You'll have extensive legal research, applied strategies, actual documentation from successful challenges and zero'd accounts. - Sample documents ready for use.

- Everything you need to challenge your own debts

- Everything you need to learn to be a consultant and earn a potentially lucrative cash flow

- Everything you need to speak with authority when talking to others about the banking scam.

- How to legally beat all types of debt collectors who don't follow the law, and most don't!

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Solution #3 - Become a Paid Consultant

In today's economy, almost everyone needs a side hustle or full time business for extra cash flow to be more financially independent.

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Illegally created debt is a 'Cancer' upon the nation and its people

We need to throw off the yoke of debt slavery and it takes each one of us to contribute to this effort.

Where do you fit?

  1. Cancelling your own debt?

  2. Educating yourself and learning the bankers insider secrets? Learning the law. Learning the protections we have as consumers? Stopping abuse by law firms and other aggressive debt collectors? Spreading the word? Sharing links? Finding recruits for this battle?

  3. Becoming a certified consultant and building a clientele of happy campers with no credit card debt?

For any of these options you can do it all by joining our PMA for a one time membership fee of only $295 for a lifetime of benefit.

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