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How to Resurrect Your Constitution and 
Weaponize it to Dominate the Courts

This page is your Holy Grail!  Everyone knows that jurisdiction is the key issue and how that relates to your legal status and the applicability of 'the code'.  But how do you get the judge to agree with you and dismiss your case?   Almost everyone goes down in flames in the courtroom trying to bring up this issue.   I said 'Almost Everyone'.  There is a couple who has been winning on this issue for several decades and teaching others the method.  Sadly, they are about to give up because this is much more than an issue about your own personal case.  This is an issue that relates to 'taking back our country' and the corrupt judiciary which flaunts their treasonous trampling of our system of law, their own oaths, and the constitution while they strip you of your rights to due process.   This is standard operating procedure.  Anyone who has been in court as a defendant knows this.  We need to see the big picture here.  Yes, use this to secure your own freedom, but beyond that, we need to bring people here to learn this and if enough people do it, we can literally 'shut down the 'Star Chambers' commonly known as 'the courts'.   This is our mission. 

The couple I refer to above is Jack & Margy Flynn.  NATF has agreed to pick up the baton and continue the race in concert with them.  They have supplied us with a truckload of educational material, sample Notices, Affidavits, and related support which will give you the winning edge in any courtroom and NATF is committed to making it available to everyone free of charge as we take back our country and lawful form of government. 

Beyond 'The Flynn Method' as presented on this page, The members of the Fireside Chats will get live and recorded personal training going more in-depth and hands-on so members can share experiences and really grasp the practical application so it works for them.   Dig into the information below, one bite at a time, and watch your empowerment and freedom grow!  

Foundational Premises

From Margy Flynn:  Listed below is a two-hour solutions video we presented regarding the Affidavit process and the desperate need for the people to stand up and engage in this process.  


As most of you know, our beloved America and our Constitutional Republic have been taken over by an insidious evil that, if not lawfully stopped by the people, will eradicate our American system and our Constitutional Republic and replace them with total eternal tyranny.  As most of you have seen, the machinery of all governments in this country, federal, state, county and local, are operating under communism, in direct opposition to and violation of our Constitutions, national and state, with impunity, since the American society has not lawfully stopped this egregious, unlawful treason.  The people are America, the people are the de jure government, and it is up to the people, as an American society, to band together in common purpose and objective to lawfully stop the pernicious evil that has totally taken over our lawful forms of government.  As mentioned before, the government will never stop the problems it deliberately created, so now, it is is squarely in the hands of the American people to stand upon the POWER AND AUTHORITY OF THE CONSTITUTIONS and courageously and lawfully put an end to this treasonous tyranny, which only the people can stop.  All "governments" in America are being operated by DOMESTIC ENEMIES, and as Thomas Jefferson so wisely said, it is our duty to oppose all enemies of this Republic, both foreign and DOMESTIC.  The DOMESTIC ENEMIES are deeply embedded within and control all aspects of all governments in this country, so, obviously, we cannot look to these traitors to solve America's pressing problems and expect them to end their blatant treason and tyranny.  ONLY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN DO THIS.


Below are several links to a video we did in late September of 2020 to discuss constitutional solutions to the constitutional violations being committed, with impunity, by virtually every government--federal, state, county and local-- operating throughout this nation.  As always seems to occur whenever we are trying to get out important information to the people, there were a number of strange, weird technical problems that came up out of the blue, repeatedly, much to the distress of our "techie" student who was doing the filming.


Please pass this message on to others who love our country and our Constitutions, realize that America is in grave danger from this increasingly aggressive communist insurrection, and want to take lawful means to stop it.


Because of the disruptive technical oddities we encountered, the video had to be done in two parts. The first part is about an hour and the second part is divided into three segments.  The first two segments run about a half hour each and the last one is only 2 minutes.


Best regards,

Jack and Margy

The First Half of the Plan to Restore America - video link 

The Second Half of the Plan to Restore America - video link  1st of 3 files

The Second Half of the Plan to Restore America - video link 2nd of 3 files

The Second Half of the Plan to Restore America - video link 3rd of 3 files

Mark's Interview with Jack & Margy Flynn - video link 

Text Summary of the Flynn methods - Click here 

The Presumptive Letter 

The Presumptive Letter is sent to the DA/Prosecuting attorney et al. before any court proceeding and establishes the key issues that need to be resolved before any court activity.  With this, you will be setting the record and they will be agreeing to your presumptions by their silence.  This is essential prior to creating the affidavit. 

Download a full explanation - Click Here. 

Key paragraphs to include in the presumptive letter, along with your own particulars. - Click Here

The Affidavit 

The affidavit establishes the facts, the law, and the evidence which has been tacitly agreed upon by the recipient(s) of the Presumptive Letter.   Since all parties have agreed, there is no controversy.  If there is no controversy, there are grounds to have any pending case dismissed.  Below are severl examples of affidavits that have been used, largely in relation to the Covid Scam and lockdowns.  You can see the format and content used and have this as a guide to create your own affidavits.  

Affidavit:  Elements and Intent - Click Here

Affidavit of Truth: to send to people and groups - Click Here 

The affidavit used in Oregon - Click Here

The affidavit used in Hawaii - Click Here  

Affidavit of formal complaint to arrest and remove treasonous officials - Click Here

Constitutional Challenges in Court 

When standing in court and the judge asks if everyone is ready to proceed..... There are certain matters to address before the court can proceed.  Follow instructions on this important matter and you'll have both the judge and the prosecutor 'boxed in' with nowhere to go. 

Download the instructions - Click here. 

Is this information valuable to you?  Please support the NATF with a recurring monthly donation of $10 or $25 as you are able.  We need to expand our reach and capabilities and we can't do it without you!  Thank you!   

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