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Accountability for Public Servants

It's Time for Trials for Fauci, Pharma & Friends

The facts have come out in court, through whistleblowers and first hand expert witnesses which bring forth overwhelming evidence (below)  that;

  1.   The PCR nasal swab 'tests' were ineffective and used only to get pre-calibrated false positive results...

  2.   ... which whipped up public fear and steered people (mostly elderly) into hospitals...

  3.   ...where they were almost automatically 'intubated' and put into a drug induced coma....

  4.   ...where they predictably died when their lungs exploded and .... 

  5.   ...the hospitals knew this and were conducting 'Murder for Money' and....

  6.   ...despite many of the deaths occurring to those who had already passed their expected life span and who had co-morbidities, the 'Death Certificates' were almost always fabricated falsely listing the cause of death as 'Covid-19' because this supported the fear mongering and the narrative (and the money flow) so that in the end...

  7. ...the entire pandemic hoax was a set-up for the 'designed for death' vax which would be injected into those that remained. It was/is a eugenics plan which ultimately leads to the de-population agenda previously enshrined in the Georgia Guide-stones which suggested reducing the global population down from the current 3 Billion+ to only 500 million.  That's like saying we'll keep the people of  North & Central America but have to get rid of the people in; Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Eur-Asia, Africa, Australia and all of Asia including India.  

Therefore, bottom line, anyone involved who coerced you to; get the vax to keep your job, wear a mask for any reason or otherwise coerced you under threat and duress, into any form of medical intervention has violated the Nuremberg Code, your God given rights, international treaties and a number of laws in the USA and elsewhere.


Dr. David Martin has compiled an evidence package which he is urging people to use and sue anyone and everyone who 'Lied' about the false narrative for money in an effort to exert medical intervention upon you, such as; doctors, hospitals, employers, airlines, state health departments, governors etc.  See the video of Dr. David Martin exposing the Covid-19 as a biological warfare crime in the European Parliament.

Download this Fauci Dossier evidence package, add your own facts and findings and find an attorney to help you sue for civil damages.  Then find a prosecutor (a constitutional sheriff might help you find the right one) who will get indictments from a Grand Jury and pursue criminal charges against your local and state actors.  If this is a problem with uncooperative corporate government minions and BAR members, then form your own grand jury.  We provide training for that on the Training Programs page.

Here's a video presentation on how to file a criminal complaint and go after indictments.  We all need to do this! 

We know the system protects itself and indictments against public officials will not be easy to come by.  But we can overcome that in various ways which we'll discuss in our Fireside Chats.   If enough of these criminal complaints and civil lawsuits come forward they can have a dramatic impact politically speaking, not to mention it will shake the hell out of the corrupt judiciary and executive branches which may force the hand of the legislators to take some action.   The people need to speak!  We ARE the government!  This is the best way to do it!  We sink our teeth into their hide while the noose goes around their neck!  

We can work in the public domain.  We can also work in the private domain.  Either way....they can't stop us! 

We'll also be discussing how to organize a local or statewide group to create a tidal wave of force and even how to set up an endowment fund to cover legal expenses with nothing out of pocket.  The stage is set.  Are you ready to take the stage to get accountability, justice, and perhaps even damages?  This is our opportunity! 

Empower yourself, get the justice that needs to happen, support the NATF, and join the NATF Fireside Chats.


Next, the dam of self-protection in the judiciary is about to be broken down by the Maori nation as the world seeks accountability for the deadliest fraud in world history.  See the video below.

The Maori nation is an indigenous nation on the land of New Zealand  and is independent of the banking cartels and ruling families.   They will be setting precedent for the rest of the world as their independent judiciary will hear the facts and come to conclusions of law to hold perpetrators accountable for crimes against humanity.  Once this precedence is set the dam will break and the rest of the world will be free to use these findings as the basis to do their own civil and criminal prosecutions.  

Managing Rogue School Boards

Sadly, many school boards are full of pride and arrogance and they believe that ‘they’ are the ones who set the rules and agenda for their meetings and directives, when in fact, they forget that they work for the parents and children in their district.  There are specific actions and ways to deal with this to put things back into proper order where they are the servants and not the master.  Here is one session we did with a member who is actually on a school board.  She gives important insights and ideas.  Click Here

Interacting with City Councils & County Commissioners

City and county officials sometimes need to be reminded of who they work for.  Often times they are corrupted by money schemes and continued power to adopt foreign, un-American policies which hurt their constituencies.  We need to assure that our city and county officials are working for the benefit of the people who put them into office and to whom they serve whether elected or appointed.  Our members need to learn the various methods for uncovering and correcting corruption so that we can live with more harmony and productivity in a civil society.    This member took control of the meeting in no uncertain terms and gives us a great example of fearless leadership.  Click Here

Dealing with State Actors

Actors such as the Governor, AG, Secretary of State, Health Department and others with their minions have different levers of leverage which can be used to enlist their cooperation with lawful constitutional government.  We welcome and invite that in all civic activities regardless of the branch of government they serve.  One way to deal with rogue actors is to employ the process of Notice & Demand.  You can explore this concept with this training session on the topic.  Click Here

Private Investigations & Uncovering Corruption

NATF enlists professionals and trains its citizen members nationwide to conduct appropriate investigations where necessary to root out corrupt bad actors, bring nefarious activities to light and then take appropriate action.   One of our Member Investigators turned a cold missing persons case 'Hot'!  Find that story on the 'Success Stories' page.  Click Here

Expose & Correct Errant Public Servants

To do this requires having a quiver of assorted tools, resources and strategies all geared to enticing our public servants to correct bad behavior and honor their oaths of office for the sole purpose of  serving the people properly whether they are elected or appointed.  All we want is to live in peace and harmony according to the rule of law.  Here is one training session we did on exposing corrupt judges.  Click Here

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