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Accountability for Public Servants

Managing Rogue School Boards

Sadly, many school boards are full of pride and arrogance and they believe that ‘they’ are the ones who set the rules and agenda for their meetings and directives, when in fact, they forget that they work for the parents and children in their district.  There are specific actions and ways to deal with this to put things back into proper order where they are the servants and not the master. 

Interacting with City Councils & County Commissioners

City and county officials sometimes need to be reminded of who they work for.  Often times they are corrupted by money schemes and continued power to adopt foreign, un-American policies which hurt their constituencies.  We need to assure that our city and county officials are working for the benefit of the people who put them into office and to whom they serve whether elected or appointed.  Our members need to learn the various methods for uncovering and correcting corruption so that we can live with more harmony and productivity in a civil society.

Dealing with State Actors

Actors such as the Governor, AG, Secretary of State, Health Department and others with their minions have different levers of leverage which can be used to enlist their cooperation with lawful constitutional government.  We welcome and invite that in all civic activities regardless of the branch of government they serve.

Private Investigations & Uncovering Corruption

NATF enlists professionals and trains its citizen members nationwide to conduct appropriate investigations where necessary to root out corrupt bad actors, bring nefarious activities to light and then take appropriate action. 

Expose & Correct Errant Public Servants

To do this requires having a quiver of assorted tools, resources and strategies all geared to enticing our public servants to correct bad behavior and honor their oaths of office for the sole purpose of  serving the people properly whether they are elected or appointed.  All we want is to live in peace and harmony according to the rule of law.

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