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Success Stories

This page illustrates only a few of the many successes that informed and properly prepared patriots have had in holding their own against trespass upon their rights and government abuse and overreach.  We want to hear your stories!  Let's empower America to show what can be done when you are informed and are willing to take 'Bold Action'! 

Police release unregistered vehicle from impound lot

This informed member understands the law, was prepared, and got the Police to go against the statutory code and release his unregistered vehicle with no strings attached.  Read More

State attempt to revoke liquor license is rebuffed

When a patriotic American refused to submit to unlawful mandates in the pandemic and close her business, the state tried to cancel her liquor license as a form of political retribution for not submitting.  This was beyond their authority and, with the help of NATF, they were put back in their place.  Read More 

NATF investigator forces Minn. Governor to cancel long planned and highly promoted appearance and PR stunt

This is an example of the impact that a little bit of research and initiative can have.  Governor Walz from Minn. was planning a PR stunt to celebrate the opening of fishing season by going out in a boat with the cameras on him 'fishing'.  Our citizen investigator discovered one small fly in the ointment and upon revealing this, the governor canceled the entire event!    Read More

'Unforgiveable' $10,000 penalty is nullified.

In the frenzy of the pandemic lockdown, government usurpers levied what they call an 'unforgivable' administrative penalty on an American  business owner who refused to kowtow to unconstitutional mandates.  After putting the usurpers on NOTICE of their unlawful overreach, with the help of NATF, the government had to back down.   Read More.

County Sheriff Attempts to Revoke Concealed Carry Permit and ‘Doinks’!

Sheriff orders American to surrender concealed carry permit under threat of prosecution.  With the help of NATF the American prepared and served a Notice of Conditional Acceptance and Notice of Counterclaim personally served upon the county sheriff.  Recognizing the precarious position he put himself in, the Sheriff had no choice but to back down.  Read More

NATF investigator turns 'Cold Case' Hot! 

A 13-year-old missing persons case was all but forgotten by police and the family suffered without closure.  An NATF investigator did some simple legwork and all of a sudden, tips and leads are coming in to revitalize the case.  We need more people to join us and have this kind of impact.  Read More

NATF Member Reads School Board the Riot Act and Files Claims

Man disarms trooper, puts trooper in his own cuffs, leaves him in the backseat of the patrol car and radios the incident in to dispatch.

We don't recommend that you ever try this but when you know the law and are prepared to enforce it you can control the situation.  This is a classic example.  Listen to the man tell his own story. Click Here

Judge vacates the case and has CPS return the children immediately!

Woman uncovers hidden secrets, files new paperwork and within 2 days, the judge vacates the case and tells her to pick up her son and daughter.   This video discusses the 'secrets' and key issues.  Click Here

1st court appearance - Judge concedes jurisdiction

This is a great example of how to handle an initial court appearance.  If this woman can do it in her first time in court, so can you! 

Read More

From Dean C. in Florida



Just wanted to THANK YOU and your team at National Action Task Force are full of love, freedom and ALL american live men and women.


Keep doing great work. If you need any assistance in Florida let me know.

Countless Testimonials

What kind of impact does this knowledge have on the people who actually learn and use it?  Check out the list of unsolicited testimonials from our sister organization, the Lighthouse Law Club.  NATF is relatively new, but we've been doing this for years!  Click Here

Member wins suspended driving license case

"This training gave me the confidence to go fight and win a suspended driving license case today and it's rare that I leave comments.  Sooo happy right now. After watching the judge lop off head after head before my case was called." Allday L.

Helping Folks in Australia

"Honestly Mark, you are the most helpful person in the entire world right now.  That might even be an understatement!"  Thank you from Australia!  - Penny II

Judge offers defendant a job!

"Thanks ... I won a court case and was offered a job as an attorney by the judge who took my case. He said I did better than most attorneys in his division. The best thing about it was that I was the defendant and still won in one day. Thank you for the strengthening of the average people.  - Leonardo T. 

The value of the Jurisdictionary course

"I paid for the win in court course and I just wanted to say that what I learned about objections and creating an appeal was worth much more than the $ 250 paid!  It was money very well spent in my opinion.  Thank you."  Steve L. - South Carolina

See the course here

Affidavits rule supreme!

"...After five months of hell with these guys, I sent an Affidavit of Truth to the victim that had just too much for them to deal with Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. On the trial setting date, my case was dismissed because of that. To make a long story short had I known what I know now I would have never gotten a public defender and I would have known exactly what to say to have ended it from the beginning. ...This information is very powerful when you use it correctly. I walk to a different tune now. Most people will struggle to get help in this area because there are liabilities they are afraid of.  However, if you do the homework and take action you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Keep up the good work. - Anil P.,  Calif.

Police release unregistered vehicle from impound lot

This American bought a nice van with cash.  He subsequently canceled the state registration and voided the certificate of title and informed the appropriate authorities that this van was no longer involved in any commercial activities and was not owned by a ‘resident’ of the state - two statutory requirements to mandate registration.

Understanding the law, he asked the DMV how to register the vehicle under those conditions (knowing the answer in advance) and got the DMV to write him a letter back saying that under the circumstances he presented that he was legally ‘unable’ to register the vehicle.  Perfect!  The vehicle was registered to the Kingdom of Heaven (another jurisdiction) with appropriate (but different) plates.  The van was later stolen and abandoned weeks later when the owner was out of town. 

Based on the stolen vehicle report, the owner called police to report the location of the van and requested that the police pick up the stolen vehicle and hold it in the impound lot until his return (free towing!) .   It wasn’t easy and it took several attempts but with the documentation he had prepared in advance, he convinced the police that they cannot require the impossible, as per the letter from the DMV.  So long as the superintendent could use the letter to pass the buck, he caved.  The police released the van without registration (contrary to the statutory code)

State Attempt to Revoke Liquor License is Rebuffed

As a part of Governor Tim Walz’s draconian efforts to enforce his targeted shutdown of Minnesota businesses by executive order, he employed the use of every agency at his disposal. One such effort involved the use of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (“Department”), a state agency that among other duties is responsible for enforcing laws and rules establishing standards and conditions for providing alcoholic beverages for commercial sale or consumption.


The Interchange Bistro possessed licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Walz’s executive order directed that restaurants bars and other places of public accommodation be closed to the public except upon certain conditions. Those certain conditions effectively foreclosed a profitable operation of the business upon which it was licensed to operate.

The Interchange defied the executive order and maintained the operation of its business as usual. The Department is authorized to revoke a license up to 60 days and impose a civil penalty of up to $2,000 for each violation if the business fails to comply with an applicable statute, rule, or ordinance relating to alcoholic beverages. However, before the Department may take such action, the business must be given an opportunity for an administrative hearing. The Interchange continued to operate in spite of the 60 day suspension notice. The Department upped the ante to revoke the license for a period of five years.

The Interchange filed a response with the Office of Administrative Hearings alleging among other elements of fraud that the Department was not authorized to enforce an executive order as it was not a “statute, rule, or ordinance relating to alcoholic beverages” upon which the Department could enforce under the applicable statute. The Administrative Law Judge agreed with the Interchange and denied the Department’s motion for summary judgment.

The Department took advantage of a provision to place this issue of law before the Commissioner to continue the proceedings as certified by the Administrative Law Judge. Ultimately, further proceedings were canceled and the contested case was dismissed — notably without admission that the Department was unauthorized to enforce the executive orders by way of license suspension/revocation. .

'Unforgiveable' $10,000 penalty is nullified.

Minnesota Department of Health v MLH Enterprises, LLC

In January of 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health (“MDH”) assessed MLH Enterprises, LLC what is termed an “unforgivable administrative penalty” in the amount of $10,000 for failure to comply with governor Walz’s executive order prohibiting on-site, indoor consumption of food and beverages. MLH Enterprises, LLC responded with Notice of Conditional Acceptance and Notice of Counterclaim.

The acceptance of the “unforgivable administrative penalty” in the amount of $10,000 was conditioned upon proof of claim that it was not assessed lawfully but only under color of law and color of authority upon record of FRAUD BY OMISSION, FRAUD IN LAW, AND FRAUD IN FACT. The Notice set forth the applicable statutes establishing that MDH may only take action authorized under statutes, rules, or other actions established by enumeration under the applicable statute — none of which included executive orders issued by the governor.

The Notice of Counterclaim established a claim that the agent committed intentional trespass to extort property under color of law and color of authority upon record of FRAUD BY OMISSION, FRAUD IN LAW, AND FRAUD IN FACT to intentionally cause harm for the free exercise of rights protected under the Minnesota Constitution, the Constitution for the United States of America and the common law and made demand for direct, compensatory, and punitive damages. The Notice offered a time period of 21 days to dispute any facts or assert any law that would avoid the liability as charged. The agent failed to make any assertion.

As of May 2023, MDH has not pursued the “unforgiveable administrative penalty” and the agent stands in default to the counterclaim.

County Sheriff Attempts to Revoke Concealed Carry Permit and ‘Doinks’!

Melissa Hanson received a letter from the Freeborn County Sheriff, Kurt Freitag, asserting that Hanson was ineligible to possess any firearm under federal law 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(2) for the following reason:

Fugitive from justice: There are active warrants for your arrest from Freeborn County, MN. Charging you with: Public Nuisance-Annoy/Injure/Endanger Safety, 609.74(1) and 12.45 Emergency Powers-Violate any emergency powers order or rule.

He asserted that her permit to carry a firearm has been voided and to surrender the permit within 5 days. Failure to do so without good cause may subject you to prosecution and conviction for a gross misdemeanor crime which is punishable by up to a year in jail or a 3,000 fine or both.

Hanson had a Notice of Conditional Acceptance and Notice of Counterclaim personally served upon the county sheriff. Hanson accepted the revocation of her concealed carry permit conditioned upon proof of claim that 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(2) is enforceable within the exterior boundaries of the state of Minnesota according to the terms of the federal statute and in subordination to the limited legislative jurisdiction of Congress under Article 1, § 8 of the federal constitution, that a valid warrant of arrest issued in accordance with the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure, and that Executive Orders issued upon declaration of a peacetime emergency on condition of a public health emergency are valid. The Notice proceeded to declare the terms of the state law and the federal law and the limits of an executive order.

Hanson received a letter from the county sheriff stating that he received her “appeal” regarding her permit to carry and that after extensive research; he agreed that she may retain her permit to carry.

NATF investigator forces Minn. Governor to cancel long planned and highly promoted appearance and PR stunt

It’s no secret that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz likes the limelight.  In fact, residents from the Majority of the states 86 counties, accuse Walz of being on a major power trip.

But the attitudes, methods, and information on pushing back against tyranny from the NATF have taken root in Minnesota, thanks in part to a very active and involved State Coordinator, Keith Haskell.

During the initial COVID shutdown (Minnesota was one of the most draconian lock down states) The Governor planned to use the backdrop of his old Alma Matter where he was a teacher as the backdrop for his Official State of the State Address in Mankato, MN.

NOT SO FAST said Coordinator Haskell- and surely not without the True Voice of the People being heard – under the constitutionally protected free speech of the first amendment.

Haskell, using only social media, had over 1500 people self-identify as “attending” the scheduled protest at Mankato West High School.


Yet around 24 hours before the Governor's address, the pro-vax pro booster WALZ, sent out a video stating he had CANCELLED the address because of being infected with the VIRUS, not the media bug, but COVID.  Unlike his own directives-he was NOT whisked into an elderly care facility, but mysteriously recovered.

Weeks later-there was a very brief 24 hour advance notice to the press that Walz would be doing his address as originally planned, and shot LIVE at 5PM from the School the former teacher was once employed at.  Not one to stand down from an almost impossible challenge – NATF’s Haskell rallied troops on a short notice to protest.

When Haskell and his advance team showed up to set up their stage and PA System at 11AM; they were suspicious that the early presence of State Troopers laid out a different time frame.  Haskell even introduced himself to the Troopers-in charge of the Governors protection – assuring them that he was having a peaceful demonstration and that they would not be attempting to enter the facility.

But the experienced Investigator Haskell smelled a rat.  One of his advance team members quickly monitored state patrol and Mankato PD radio traffic, to learn that the Governor was already inside, and advance filming his address.

Not only did it appear the Governor LIED (shocker!) to the people of Minnesota and once again feared a peaceful protest-but the MEDIA participated in the LIE when all four networks aired the same, one camera, never moving, camera view for their 5:00 News.  Local TV and Radio Stations interviewed Haskell that day…… Some conservative media even made the cancelation connection to the fear of Haskell’s protest efforts.

NOT TO BE OUT DONE- in mid 2022 it was announced that the famed Governors Fishing Opener was to be held near, can you guess……Yep – Mankato – where the  Governor once lived! 


Being the good sport – and sportsman that he is, Haskell contacted a Facebook page named Rocks and Cows Minnesota (who in fact got their name from a degrading Walz speech-belittling rural Minnesotans) and started planning for the May 13th event.  A boat brigade complete with a banner contest, and a nearby conservative sportsman’s lunch with prizes for BEST BOAT BANNER were already well underway.

Want to know how the Governor did fishing?  Oh – you assumed he didn’t cancel; that’s funny!    After nearly a year of announcements, planning, and coordinating by local communities – the governor's pre covid memory must have kicked in as he “suddenly remembered” that he was going to be out of the State that day for a family member's college graduation.  No fishing Opener celebration.


You see the moral of the story here?  Political pressure like we talk about in the NATF, taking a stand, WORKS!

NATF investigator turns 'Cold Case' Hot! 

Thirteen years ago, On April 18 2010 – then 26-year-old Matthew Thomas Albrecht – a young father of two, vanished without a trace-literally, and almost in front of everyone’s eyes.  Matt was at a friend's house, with his father and two other friends replacing a bad starter in his truck.

Matt stopped the work for a smoke break, crawled out from under the truck and walked less than 100’ away between two garages.  And disappeared.

Nine months later, December 2010- a dog drug a femur bone up to the homeowners front steps that was later identified as matts.  The problem is, that was six miles away from where he was last seen, and in the middle of a wooded ravine. 

The following MAY, 2011 after winters snow had melted-a handful of other bones of matts were found and identified via DNA to be Matts.  They also found personal items at the site.

13 years the family waited.

At times the family felt abandoned and the case obviously went cold.

Despite over 50 people being questioned, nobody had been arrested or charged.

Then Matt's sister met the state coordinator for the NATF – and joined the group.  A year after that, in early 2023 Keith Haskell was an NATF Investigator on the trail.  One of the first things that Keith discovered, having experience in missing person cases, is that the authorities never utilized the statewide reward available through CRIMESTOPERS MN ™.  Keith arranged a $1,000 reward, and a new press conference that gained coverage from Four TV Crews, and over 200 11x17 full color REWARD Photos, as well as an additional 200 8 12x11” full color posters – period for in part by a grant from the NATF, and coordinated their distribution.

New leads are starting to come in.  New Media attention has been delivered and published – and national podcasters are picking up the story.

Keith has re-interviewed some of the same people interrogated by police and continues to work the case.

NATF member gets Pro-Vax Highway signs removed from Northern California

Highway signs were all over Northern CA urging people to ‘Get Vaxxed’!


I contacted the Northern Ca Public Information Officials (PIO) to express my displeasure and received a canned (no dice) reply.

After receiving this bogus reply from the Northern Ca Asst Public Information Officer Nicole, I released the Kraken and informed her that the decision had already been made Statewide and she was to comply immediately with the direction of her superiors from back on Sept 2020.


The signs were gone by the weekend and have not returned!


=======. Details below.....

On 6/15/2021, a renowned activist in San Diego wrote to CalTrans requesting that non-traffic related messages such as "Get vaccinated" be removed from highway road signs as it is not the responsibility of the Department of Transportation to influence health behaviors. She demanded that road signs be limited to road hazards and true emergencies only.

CalTrans responded to her with a letter indicating that the State of Emergency declared by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 4, 2020, allows for the display of COVID-19 vaccination messages on CalTrans changeable message signs.

She persisted in her efforts by replying this way; 

“It appears that you and others in Caltrans are misunderstanding and misinterpreting the Governor's Proclamation noted above.  This proclamation does not mean that you are authorized to alter the way Caltrans operates as to its traffic control responsibilities, including in regard to the proper and authorized use of CMS signs.What the proclamation means is that personnel in your department must take all the precautions noted by the CA Dept. of Public Health as regards using masks, distancing, office operations as regards closing offices, limiting hours or having employees work from home, disinfecting offices and vehicles, etc.
This order does not and should not alter the way that the CMS signs are to be used, which signs have specific limited purposes, which is the reason why Ms. Perez and Mr.Valizadeh asked that such use of the signs be discontinued.

As noted to McGowen when she was spoken to and the initial complaint was submitted to her about this unauthorized practice, no one needs to be advised of COVID or any assumed precautions and dangers associated with it, we already have sufficient media messages and signs in all establishments to remind people of the precautions recommended to prevent the spread.

Caltrans is not a medical or health agency, it is a traffic agency, with limited jurisdiction. 

This resulted in an email sent out statewide that read: "We are directed effective immediately and until further notice, to use our permanent CMS only to display traffic-related emergency notifications,AMBER alerts, incidents, major closures or travel times. During other times the CMS must be turned off (be dark). We will not be running our CMS 24/7."

On 6/15/2021 I noted these FCMSs all over northern California. I contacted Nicole Mowers DOT (CalTrans) Public Affairs District 10 with this request:
The messages such as,"Get vaccinated” should be removed immediately.
It is not the place or priority of the Department of Transportation to influence health behaviors. Your stated mission begins, "To provide safe and easy movement of people and goods from place to place,". These non-traffic related messages distract drivers, cause & raise anxiety levels, & are therefore hazards. The messages,such as,"Get vaccinated” should be removed immediately.

I was given the canned response that the activist in Orange County was given when she first attempted to have the sign removed: "The State of Emergency declared by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 4, 2020, continues to be in effect. The Governor’s emergency proclamation orders that, “In preparing for and responding to COVID-19, all agencies of the state government use and employ state personnel, equipment, and facilities or perform any and all activities consistent with the direction
of the Office of Emergency Services and the State Emergency Plan as well as the California Department of Public Health and Emergency Medical Services Authority.”

I responded to CalTrans by referencing the email issued by Margie Perez, CalTrans Branch Chief of TMC Operations sent to her entire department on August 17, 2020 and sent to the activist in Orange County, in which was stated that "FCMSs will only be used for traffic-related emergency notifications, Amber alerts, incidents, major closures, or travel times, and that COVID messages will no longer be displayed.”

I also referenced the email that she had previously received back in Aug 2020 and she was [intentionally] ignoring from Saeed Valizadeh, Caltrans Transportation Engineer, Division of Traffic Operations, Office of System Operations that stated "We are directed effective immediately and until further notice, to use our permanent CMS only to display traffic-related emergency notifications,AMBER alerts,incidents,major closures or travel times. During other times the CMS must be turned off (be dark). We will not be running our CMS 24/7.”

I then requested that CalTrans remind and order all personnel to stop all COVID-19-related messages on any CMS signs throughout California and advised all county and city governments that they are not authorized to use any portable CMS signs for COVID-19 announcements in any way, shape, or form.


The signs came down immediately on Northern CA highways.

Lorna C. 

Member gets the California Public Employees Retirement System to stop promoting the Vax! 

Un-solicited CalPers (California Public Employees Retirement System)  "Call to Action" email giving all members a 'To Do' list which included 'Getting the Vax" was received and replied to as follows:


I object to your latest email entitled "A Few Items to Check Off Your To-Do List" in that CalPERS does not hold a medical license and should not be giving medical advice to it's members to "get your vaccines". This is not the Mission of CalPERS, which is to "Deliver retirement and health care benefits to members and their beneficiaries." Members should not be (unduly) influenced by their Retirement System to seek or obtain any medical treatment at any time for any reason as this is not within your scope of expertise. This was not a suggestion in your email, it was presented as a "task" in conjunction with other actions that are within your purview to recommend for members to do.I do not want to see any more emails like this as it is offensive and something only a medical professional can advise. Please conduct yourselves as our Pension Provider and not our doctor by removing this kind of content from your emails.
Thank you.”


They stopped the email campaign after that

Judge Bows to Grandma in Traffic Court

My first appearance in traffic court was amazing.  I took what I learned from NATF and when I was in court  I listened intently, and realized the judge was repeating the same procedure with each defendant. She did the same thing to everyone just like I had learned.  She would call a name, watch as they walked up to the table, while asking “is this you?” And I'm thinking 'this?'-   What “this”?

Finally I heard the name that sounds like mine, only the judge wasn't looking at me, she was looking for “the bond?”, I don't know, but she was turned opposite of the seating desperately searching for something, so i just stood where I was sitting and waiting for the question. The judge said ” how are you today Mr. or MRS …” so I told the judge: ” You will address me by my christian name only, I am not a MRS.PERIOD.”Finally she asked for my name while still looking for something and I responded: “  I don't know judge.   I would have to see it first!”


That startled her back to attention, she then said, stuttering ” well you have a name don't you?”    I said yes but i don't know if that's my name until I see it, can i see it please?  She ignored me and said ” you at least have a first name don't you?” I said yea, my mom calls me … 'honey' (hearsay) but I still don't know if that's my name…she loudly cut me off saying “your charged with… how do you plead?”


I simply stated that I wasn't there to plead, she again cut me off and screaming stated that i had to plead; i snapped back and said NO I DON'T, she screamed yes you do, I said no, and I'm not going to!   You are not my boss in this situation, I'm in charge of my court and I'm your boss and I'm not pleading. 


She then snapped “you need to step up to the table!”, I told her: “no-I don't!. I'm not going to board your ship,   I'm fine right here”, she was getting a little jumpy at this point and stated she was pleading for me. Because she had started yelling at me I had gotten riled up and totally forgot the words “I object” so i just kept saying you cant do that!. Then she asked if i lived at “1234 my address.”


I thought she was going to blow her top when I smiled and patted my chest and said “No, I live right here. Where this vessel is- …I live”. she jumps out of her seat tells the guard “get her out of my court NOW!” THE guard was very polite and as i was walking out objecting with every step, I turned around just in time to see her stand and  what looked to be a 'bow' as i reached the door.


I laughed all the way home. WHAT A FEELING. the judge tried several times in different ways to get jurisdiction. I wouldn't give it.    She tried to get me to claim the name. DON'T admit to any name ( hearsay ) or any 'residence'. and don't plead.   Object every step of the way.


Is there a verified claim or a contract?  I need to see it.  Tell them you want to settle the matter and appoint the judge to be trustee to oversee proceedings.


Never enter through the gate, or in my case of no gate I stayed behind the front row of seats.. and never say you live (residential address) anywhere but your body. a 'residence' is a hook to get jurisdiction.  Only subject 'citizens' have residential address in the city and in the 'STATE OF..."  And if asked if you understand, reply with something like: “actually can you tell me which dictionary you use please as I do not speak legalese.”…


Now i do everything by affidavit. But am glad for the invigorating experience of seeing the judge come out of her seat and Bow to me an 'American upon the land'.   No amount of practice is needed.

Know who you are and be free!

Man Cuffs Trooper

Owning the trooper
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