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Training Programs

No soldier is ever put onto the battlefield without training.  To win your freedom and defend your rights requires that all of us, in good numbers, be properly trained through study.  This requires time and commitment which is a personal responsibility that each of us has.   Freedom is not free.  We need committed Americans to hold the line!

Training Programs

NATF and its alliance partners offer a wide variety of training programs.  We break these down into the Four Pillars of the NATF which you saw on the Home Page which are;

Self Governance & Common Law

Holding Public Servants Accountable

Personal Independence



Additional resources apart from this page are found either in the NATF video library.   Click the category of interest listed above or just scroll down to browse and access some key information to round out your knowledge base.  You also have access to some fantastic webinars-on-demand which will add yet more arrows to your quiver.   


We trust that you will enjoy and benefit greatly from this extensive material!

Webinars On-Demand

More Webinars

Self Governance & Common Law

If you want to hear how some Free-Spirited Freemen in Montana lived according to the law and had the municipal employees and state legislators shaking in their boots, you need to know the story of the Montana Freemen as told by one of their own, Dan Petersen in a detailed interview.  This is a fascinating story and one we can all learn from.  
"American Heroes - The Montana Freemen - Part I"

"American Heroes - The Montana Freemen - Part II"

New!!  Initial Appearance - Case Dismissed.  Great reviews.  Click Here

New !!  Common Law & Court Process Educational Series: 8 jam-packed sessions from Kirk Pendegrass:  Click Here


The Best Defense is a Good Offense!  6 Steps - Alphonso Faggiolo - Click Here


Win in Court - Status, Standing & Agency - There are 143,000 views on YouTube for a reason - Click Here

New !!  Juvenile Protection Act - How to protect yourself and your children from CPS and the courts.  Click Here

New !!  The George Gordon School of Common Law - This is a collection of 80 audio files you can download and take with you for some of the best training you'll ever get!  Click Here


Initial Court Appearance - Destroying Jurisdiction:  See 'First court appearance and judge concedes jurisdiction...' on Success Stories page

Oregon Jural Assembly Session #1 - Click Here

Oregon Jural Assembly Session #2 - Click Here

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Ultimate Jurisdiction - If You Dare! - Click Here

Be Master of Your Destiny - Control Your Court - Click Here

Win in Court Without an Attorney - Interview with Bob Graves, creator of the Jurisdictionary course.  Click Here

Many more free videos on the Exit Babylon YouTube Channel - Click Here

Holding Public Servants Accountable

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!  6 Steps - Alphonso Faggiolo - Click Here

Initial Contact - Hold the line when approached.  - Click Here 

Oaths of Office & Going on the Offensive - Click Here

Notice & Demand - to stay in honor you must put transgressors on Notice and offer Remedy.  - Click Here

Notice & Demand - The complete claims process - Click Here

Denial of Due Process & Getting After Bad Judges - Click Here

Going after Corrupt School Boards - An Insider's 'Heads Up' - Click Here

School Boards - The Abomination of Indoctrination - Keith Turns the Tables - Click Here

If you enjoy and benefit from this truckload of free content that can change your life,please consider supporting this effort.  Monthly recurring donations are critical to our mission. 
Be a VIP Supporter - Click Here

Personal Independence

If you could use some passive income and a suite of tools and intellectual property to accelerate your financial performance to free up your time, then check out the NATF Business Club - Click Here

Beat the Bankers - Kill the Debt - How people are eliminating credit card debt successfully - Click Here

Beat the Bankers - Accounting forensics prove that all mortgages are fraudulent!  -  Click Here

Don't Argue with the IRS - Agree and Be Free!  -  Click Here

Let's Talk About Taxes - It's so Simple - Click Here

Trusts & Private, Protected Financial Management - MMG Capital website - Click Here

What's new in crypto!  Fascinating Project.  -  Click Here


We're developing a new project.  THE NATIONAL ACTION ALLIANCE is an effort to bring the multitudes of independent groups together in a single communications connection to share successes, needs, initiatives and support each other whenever possible.  Collaboration will be the key to our success.  Check it out for yourself at

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