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What we can do:

We do not provide legal services or represent clients in court.  We do not have or share 'magic documents' and we do not offer 'tips' to people in trouble without a holistic approach to any issue. What we do offer, only to members of our PMA, is a complete holistic approach to solving your problem which is likely to be; more powerful, effective and cost efficient than other alternatives.  Our approach includes the following....



If you feel that your rights have been violated, you have been hauled into court for victimless crimes against the state, abusive prosecution or other similar situations our legal team may do a complete  evaluation of your situation to identify key elements and come up with an effective potential strategy to deal with your situation. 


Strategic Planning


There are likely to be different approaches to solving your situation.  We'll help identify what we feel might be the best approach.  



Rights violators need to be put on NOTICE of their violations and potential liability with a DEMAND to cease and desist and/or provide compensation for damages.  We can assist with this.  Other procedures may be implemented in terms of setting the record on issues of jurisdiction, procedure, due process, including challenging the status and standing of the prosecutor to present any claim, etc.  Where necessary, swearing out a criminal complaint may also be appropriate when state actors refuse to follow the law. 




We may be in a position to help coach you how to navigate your situation and/or case and manage the various parties involved.  We have specialists in certain areas of expertise who may be in a position to partner with you in properly navigating a successful outcome to your situation


Case Review & Help Request Submission Requirements


Step #1

Join our Forum and engage!


Step #2 

Fill out our online questionnaire.  Click the Link below: 


Step #3

Donate a one time only, non-refundable case review fee of $500.  If we both agree to proceed with coaching services thereafter, then this will be applied to the deposit for the hourly coaching fee of $75 an hour.  Do that here.  If we don't agree to provide assistance you will have a properly researched and framed case presentation which you will be able to use and this will greatly benefit anyone else you might seek assistance from. 


Step #4

Organize all court filed documents in chronological order and with the document name and date saved as the file name.  These need to be clear scans and NOT photo images.   Submit to 


With this complete, one of our Legal Team specialists will research the pertinent law, evalute the options and then have a detailed discussion with you to review your situation with you.   Our objective is to provide you with a realistic expectation on what will be required and what we feel might be the best way to acheive your objectives.  This is not legal advice but a research project with strategic consultation to discuss possible options which might be available in resolving your situation in the best way possible.   The NATF Legal Team does not deal with the public but only in the context of discussions within our private membership association which is why you need to join there first.

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