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Eliminate Debt

Our discussion on 'Eliminating Debt' here relates to 'Unsecured Debt' such as credit cards, signature loans and the like which are issued by licensed banks or financial institutions.  The illegal creation of debt obligations applies equally to secured debt such as mortgages, auto loans and the like. However, by virtue of the fact that the courts are in cahoots with the bankers and the bankers have secured (allegedly) interests in your property makes it very dangerous to challenge those 'credits' unless you are prepared to lose the secured property and counter sue for fraud and damages which would be appropriate.  This approach does not apply to personal loans from individuals or credit unions who actually 'did' loan you their own funds.   However this approach may be useful on foreclosure cases, especially on property already lost to foreclosure where you can prove fraud and you seek damages.  This information is purely for educational and informational purposes and is not legal or financial advice.  No action should be taken purely on the basis of the information contained herein without professional help.  We are trying to educate America on the reality of banking and bank loans.  Enjoy!  

The Battle Cry 

Introduction & Overview

The Fraud

This is one of the most downloaded and re-posted videos on YouTube.  It's a 30 minute courtroom scenario wherein the plaintiff, who is suing the bank, has his attorney grilling the banker who is under oath on the witness stand and causing him to give  admissions and confessions which will enable you to see the fraud clearly.   This is a re-enactment role play of an actual court transcript we found which has long been buried on the internet.   Let the truth be known. 

The NATF Process

If you like what you see, here's the process and what you can expect; 

  1.  Fill out the NATF Private Member Association application and pay a very low, refundable  fee of only $295 for this service.   You may use the button at the bottom of this section. 

  2. An NATF certified personal consultant will be assigned to you and contact you for a meeting to review the entire process and answer your questions.  The objective of the meeting will be to answer your questions so that you know exactly what to expect and will  include a discussion on a separate Work Agreement that we'll need so there is mutual accord on all pertinent issues.  If you don't agree to proceed at this point your $295 membership fee will be refunded and we'll part friends. 

  3. The debt elimination process is simple.  It's a simple matter of putting the so called 'lender' in a position where they have no option other than to admit to violating the law on your account.  We get their confessions by 'tacit procuration'.  In other words, by putting them on notice of the fraud by letters and affidavits they have to rebut the factual assertions by their own affidavit supported by factual evidence and the law and we know up front that they can't.  Their silence is consent which is a well known maxim of law.   So when they don't rebut your affidavit, they agree with it.  If there is any court action for collection this removes the issue from the court because there is no dispute for the court to settle.  They agree.  Our goal is to get an administrative  'Default Judgment' on the creditor or collector on or about 30 days from the mailing of the documentation.

  4. Our certified consultant will help you to prepare all necessary documentation and it can be done quickly without much effort. 

  5. If there are any court proceedings, our paralegals can assist with that as well for a nominal extra cost as the case requires.

  6. As an NATF Private Member you'll also receive publications from the Federal Reserve, a Top Secret Bankers Manual, detailed research on how to beat debt collectors and several other books which are far too sensitive to mention in public on this website.   We can refer you back to the information contained in The Battle Cry video above.  Your consultant can share details with you once you are a member.


The following is an excerpt from one of the books you'll receive as a member.  It is a commentary on a conversation between a master CPA who has been used as an expert witness in several court cases and a bank auditor.  We've referenced this conversation previously. This should open your eyes!

"A BANK LIABILITY (DEPOSIT) IS NOT MONEY AND THIS IS THE PROOF. A check merely transfers money. If you have a checking account balance of $100, the bank owes you $100 of legal tender. If the $100 was money, the bank would never have to give you back the $100 of cash or allow you to write a $100 check. If you write a $100 check to receive your cash, the bank check transfers the cash from the bank vault to your pocket proving the liability (bank deposit, checking account balance of $100) is not money, but is owing money per the bank's operations.

One of my students (this CPA was hosting a conference) spoke up and claimed he was the auditor that went from bank to bank examining the records to be sure they were in compliance. At lunch time he gave me the bookkeeping entries. He said we credit (liability column) cash and replace it with promissory note recorded as an asset. He claimed this means the bank loaned other depositors' money.

Then he showed the seller of the house receiving the money by debiting the cash (recorded as an asset) and crediting (recording as a liability) a new demand deposit account (checking account). Then he said, "Do you see the fraud?” I said, "No, because you gave the borrower cash."

He said, "Look again, there is a new liability, cash cancels out. Oh yes," he explained, "we redefine words. We call checks ‘cash’, and we really gave them a ‘check’ which is the opposite of cash."

As he said the ‘word fraud’, the other CPAs standing around gasped, pretending they did not hear this conversation. The auditor explained, "We give the appearance of loaning other depositors' money, but we change the intent of the agreement and change the promissory note so it funds the check." Then he claimed the average American would never figure this out.

He looked at me squarely in the eye and told me never to reveal this to anyone. He explained how it is like stealing and using the value of the stolen property to create new money and returning it back to the victim as a loan. He proceeded to explain that it is so profitable to those involved, they wanted to keep the secret for themselves. As long as the people never figured it  out, the lawmakers, police, judges and professionals could keep transferring the wealth from the people to those who know the secret.

The judges and police need the secret to continue or they cannot enforce it. It is too profitable to expose. Then he tried to get my commitment to never reveal the secret. I never agreed. As an American, I believe everyone should know the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning the banking system and bank loan agreement, giving full disclosure and equal protection."


Editor’s Comments:

If we the people are ever going to overcome this fraud and theft which is impoverishing American families nationwide, each of us needs to take on the personal responsibility of sharing this information and getting others involved in liquidating their illegal debt payments.  

This is a national, and international initiative and only the people can make the change.  Now is the time.  Can we count on you to join the Info War and share the link to this page with everyone on your contact list?

You might send an email with the subject:  The banks are defrauding you.   What to do!   Add a personal comment or two and the link to this page. 

You'll be doing them and America a big favor! 

Many Blessings! 

The Peoples' Burden

The current credit card debt held by Americans has recently topped $1 Trillion!  That's one thousand Billions!  Every bit of it is fraudulent! 

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 2.45.18 PM.png

Join in the fight against Bank Fraud!  Legally cancel your own debt and/or become a consultant helping others!  They have no defense!

Exodus 22:25

“If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not treat it like a business deal; charge no interest.

Become a Consultant

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