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Work Opportunities

Independent Representative

The NATF offers a variety of services which are helpful to individuals and businesses.  Explore the website for details  We consider you a 'Business Partner' if you can do no more than make a personal introduction to people you know and trust as honorable people.  Simply make the introduction to your contacts, (or the unlimited numbers of businesses out there) based on a common interest or general/specific need, confirm it by an email with a 'cc' to  We'll make contact, meet personally when appropriate and do our best to help them in the best way possible.   You will periodically send us  a cumulative list of your introductions for tracking.  We'll send you a monthly report of activity.  Any business we do will result in a 10% referral fee to you on any business generated.   If you could use a 'side hustle' for extra cash they don't come any simpler than that!   Inquire Within - Click Here

Debt Consultant

Click the image below to see the video presentation.  If interested  Inquire Within - Click Here

Financial Services

Professionals in the financial services industry such as financial advisors, mortgage or insurance brokers, real estate specialists, accountants etc. can get a leg up on the competition and add greatly to their monthly cash flow with our specialized financial arrangements provided by affiliated companies, which your clients will love you for.  We have opportunities for clients to turbocharge their IRAs and even tap into them without penalty or tax, avoid capital gains on the sale of large assets, structure business for long term tax-free growth, get bank loans without giving a personal guarantee, employers can get $800 tax credit per W-2 employee, business credit building qualifying you for guaranteed bank loans and much more.  Explore the possibilities which will give you an edge and some 'cha-ching' on your bottom line! 

Inquire Within - Click Here to request more information.

Social Media & Internet Marketing

Our new Business Marketing Team is seeking social media and internet marketing expertise to manage client accounts.  Duties would involve setting up accounts in the 3 main platforms and perhaps others, using AI tools to generate content, set up landing pages and learn and apply workflows for the client needs.  Overall management of client account marketing and lead generation will be compensated based on work load with performance bonuses.  Inquire Within - Click Here to request more information.

Small Business Sales

Think for a minute how many small businesses in your town would like to have more customers.  So now you realize that every small business in your town needs the services of the NATF Business Marketing Team (BMT).  We'll teach you to make a simple business card and give it to every business owner in town and make $100 for every client you generate from that simple and effective strategy.   How many can you contact in a day?  We provide full training and support with an effective and very affordable service bringing them new clients which they will love you for. 

Inquire Within - Click Here to request more information.

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