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Introductory Videos

It's Up To Us!

NATF Orientation

Featured  Video on Big Pharma 

An insider became a 'Whistle Blower' 
and tells us about his new documentary
in this 
exclusive interview

Featured  Video on Freemasons 

The Roots of Evil Go Deep
These Insider's Revelations Will Shock You

Public Enemy Number One!

You are in the wrong jurisdiction!


Operating at Law

This video will open your eyes and help you differentiate between operating in 'The Public' realm and living in the 'Private'.  The difference is like  Night and Day!  This is fundamental education.   If this resonates with you...GET INVOLVED with us!


It's 'Do' or 'Die'!

Hey Folks, this is Mark and I did a little walk and talk about why it's so important that each of us engage in the battle that is being forced upon us.   You don't have a choice.  Like it or not the enemy is upon us.  It's 'Do or Die'.  Let's lock arms and move forward!  Get Involved!


Does Your Sheriff Enforce the Law?

Two of our more committed members in Oregon traveled the state to talk with Sheriffs and/or their deputies to see if they were enforcing the law, or policy which is contrary to the law.  You may (or may not) be surprised at the result but it's a good example of what commitment looks like for the concerned people of the territory.   If you see the value in this...GET INVOLVED! 


By What Authority?

People are ignorant of the law and their rights which gives plenty of space for tyrants to overstep their authority and abuse people. Once people understand who has the real authority they can be victors instead of victims. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  See Part II on the YouTube channel and GET INVOLVED!


Taking Back Freedom!

The common cry is: 'well what can you do?  You can't fight city hall!"  Our reply is 'Yes you can and here's how!   To learn more....Get involved with us!


Reclaiming America

This was a very insightful discussion between Anna Von Reitz and Mark about efforts being made to revive the republic.  You don't want to miss this one!   There's only one way to make a difference....GET INVOLVED!


It's Game Time!

You had better be suited up with your 'game face' on.  It's time to get dirty in the trenches and see who's made of what!  Be a part of the solution.  GET INVOLVED WITH US!


Beat the Bankers

This might very well be the most copied, borrowed, and stolen video on the internet.  It's appearing everywhere.  This Blockbuster exposes how every mortgage in America is fraudulent and how the borrower is basically robbed using fraudulent accounting practices.  The fraud is articulately dissected in a courtroom setting with a banker being questioned on the stand.   If this revelation or mortgage fraud and theft upsets you...GET INVOLVED!


Correcting Legal Status

There is a lot of talk about correcting legal status and the differences between a U.S. Citizen and a state citizen or state national.  This video goes into some of the peripheral issues which are never discussed and can make or break someone's defense of their status claim.  Be sure to consider these points if engaging in this process of correcting your status.  You likely will not find  information in such detail found anywhere else.  You need to learn more.  Get Involved with us!


Legal Status Primer

So then this gets more directly into the main issues so you can get a clear understanding of the 'whys' and 'wherefores'.  


Intro. to NATF for Minnesota

This is a sample introduction which can be tailored to the needs and concerns of people in your state. 

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