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NATF offers members an extensive and growing library of resources and training materials to enhance your 'freedom quotient' and quality of life among other things.  Below is a cursory introduction to our library to give you an idea.

Action Plans

What do you do when…(fill in the blank)?  NATF is constantly putting together contingency plans to help our members manage some of the most common situations.  When we can act individually across the nation with some level of uniformity and consistent authority, word gets around and all of a sudden NATF members start getting some respect.   Our member library is constantly growing with resources in this regard.

Business Owners Resources

Business owners have a daunting task in keeping up with the ‘over’ regulatory environment, taxes, permits, compliance requirements and related burdens.  It’s not unusual for business owners to often wonder who they are working for really!  We have a number of solutions in this regard.   It starts with operating in the private as opposed to the ‘public’ and we can discuss different forms of business structure, alternative banking, asset protection and more.  Our Business Club was created for just this purpose.  Check it out!


NATF maintains healthy relationships with other organizations which offer different services and have different specialties which may serve the needs of our members in any given particular situation.  As needs arise we may invoke the services and participation of other groups to assist our members with specialized needs.  Examples may include legal assistance, private investigators, expert witnesses, etc.  We created the NATIONAL ACTION ALLIANCE to bring groups together and leverage our success between ourselves.  Have a look! 


To prepare for court you need to learn the process, the procedure, how to file motions and related matters.  We can offer you an excellent course which has helped many pro se litigants win.  Click Here.

Win in Court - free video cram session exposes issues you’ve likely never heard before.  This free video has helped people beat felony charges Click Here. 

Holding your own court - You’ll learn this in our Common Law Court training for members.  Get your own court organized!  You can learn from our friends at the Oregon Jural Assembly and also at National Liberty Alliance.

Educational Videos

Our members library includes a wide assortment of insightful training videos guaranteed to open your eyes to new concepts and ideas.  You can start on our Videos Page and then look at Training Programs page.  We are developing an entirely new Members Resource Center which will include many topics of personal interest such as prepping, growing your own food, alternative health care, natural cures and much more. Stay tuned!


We all know there is strength in numbers.  We continually work on putting people together in a local area to form local chapters.  Make new friends, form new alliances, have your team to launch initiatives and/or have backup.  Have you considered getting a few people together and starting periodic meetings in a local restaurant?  These are great to share information, organize efforts, make new friends and start building some political clout on a local level.  Maybe you start by joining another group and making contacts there.


Our team of paralegals can help you research your case, frame the issues, help develop possible defense strategies and provide coaching if necessary.  Additionally, we may take select Federal rights violations cases and match those up with the appropriate law firm for prosecution when there is a good case with merit. If you have a case currently and need some coaching or help with research we can provide that here.

Medical Tyranny

We all know that the regulated medical healthcare industry is being weaponized.  There are successful means of maintaining the integrity of your rights without being subjected to the lunacy which is being promoted and is highly detrimental.  Our members section explores these resources.


Don’t leave the house without your NATF gear putting the world on NOTICE that you are ‘Serious Business’!   Click Here.

Public Relations

The most powerful court in the land is the ‘Court of Public Opinion’. NATF is continually beefing up our resources through video expose´s, news releases, Public Notices, and other important tools at our disposal to uncover corruption, judicial misconduct and other errant behavior.  Your support of NATF helps us in this regard.


Proven strategies adapted to any given situation, applied and executed with precision, strength  and consistency always have the best chance for successfully attaining the objective.  These are continually being discovered, developed, refined and applied as the case may require by our national team and local members.  These form significant elements of our training programs.

Study& Training

No soldier is ever put onto the battlefield without training.  To win our freedom requires our members, in good numbers, to be properly trained through study.  This requires time and commitment which is a personal responsibility that each of us has.   Freedom is not free.  We need committed members.

Training Programs

NATF and its alliance partners offer a wide variety of training programs.  Some of those include:

  • How to become an effective investigator

  • Court Watching & Reporting Skills

  • Building a local chapter and support team.

  • Setting up a Jural Assembly

  • Correcting your legal status

  • Conducting your own court

  • Recruiting your sheriff to the state private militia

  • Organizing the county into a Committee of Safety

  • Stay tuned for more!

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