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The Jural Assembly

This is where the people come together to claim their authority as the source of law and government and then to exercise their responsibility to manage it with diligence and reverence for the time tested maxims of universal law. 

A Government Of the People, For the People and By the People


What is a Jural Assembly?

"It is an unincorporated association of free men and women who organize in support of the public and organic law of these United States (the states holding the land jurisdiction) to enforce the same; they elect the local Assemblymen, for the townships and counties, and the county Assemblymen, then meeting, compose a state jural assembly.

These are the lawful bodies of living men and women who "self-govern" the land jurisdiction of these United States and who are responsible for enforcing the Law of the Land including the Organic Law and the United States Statutes at Large.

They are also responsible for electing Common Law Court Justices, Sheriffs on the Land; form Grand Juries; serve as Trial Jurors and as Electors (not "Voters"),   and serve to administer every aspect of their local and state governments."   - Anna Von Reitz.  Read full article here.

Educational Resources

The Oregon Jural Assembly

This is the recorded session of the NATF Training session #12 on Thursday May 06, 2021 which was a discussion with the Oregon Statewide Assembly and what they have accomplished so far.  This is the starting point for your education on this topic.  Click Here for the recording


Setting Up Your Jural Assembly

This is a recording of the NATF follow-up training session to the above with Ron and Charlie.   Here we get into detail on the mechanics of setting up your jural assembly and the importance of it.  Click here for the recording of the session.  NATF Training Session #13


The Jural Packet

These are the sample documents and instructions for getting started as discussed by Charlie in NATF  training #13.  These are not to be copied but used as a guide to do your own research on your state constitution and related legal foundations and come up with your own appropriate documents.  Download the docs here.


Law in a nutshell

This is a very basic primer in understanding how law is framed and is essential knowledge for new students.  Click here to download.

Find a State Assembly Near You



Jural Assembly Handbook - 

Anna Von Reitz.  

Click Here


Forming Jural Assemblies: 

Building Blocks of the Republic

By David Robinson 

Click Here

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