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Some of the specialized activities not mentioned elsewhere on this site are represented below.  They involve training and guidance provided either by NATF directly or by our alliance partners.

Special Services Unit

NATF provides training and guidance so that members are equipped to do proper investigations on public functions and functionaries to ensure faithful performance according to law.  This includes Court Watchers who appear in court as neutral and passive observers to witness proceedings and later testify if necessary.


Legal Review and Analysis

Our consultants don't give legal advice but rather will evaluate a case to pull out the pertinent law, identify the key parameters and/or violations involved (if any) and provide a list of options to consider when formulating a strategy which may have the best chance at achieving the intended objectives. 



Our paralegals do the legal research and bring forward the appropriate law for the case and assist in preparing the required paperwork for pro-se litigants.


Support Team

Our professional support team is a broad network of specialists who provide us the tools, the wherewithall and the structure to not only operate efficiently in a decentralized fashion anywhere in the country but we also assist our members and walk them through each step of the process with confidence. 

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