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Dear Friends,

If you have current legal troubles for which you'd like immediate help.  The NATF does not provide legal services but we hope to be able to to help you navigate most situations to avoid legal trouble.


My best recommendation for maximum use of your time and money is to use the following links:


  1. The best chance you have to get any case against you (aka victimless crime against the state)  dismissed is to master the training we have on the 'Case Dismissed' page. You can use this to successfully get cases dismissed and also remove errant officials from public terror (office). 

  2. The Jurisdictionary Course is highly recommended to understand court procedure, your rights, how to fashion motions and more.   It's provided by an attorney who understands the corruption and wants to help you win in court 'without' an attorney!  Click the link here.

  3.  Watch this free video to learn quite a bit.  People have had felony charges dropped by using nothing more than what's in this video: 

  4. If you feel you need some individualized attention you can get some coaching here at the 'Get Help' page link in the menu bar above.

The Jurisdictionary Course

This is required education for all Americans

Win without a lawyer!

Learn quickly.

Save legal fees.

Created by an attorney with 34 years of experience.

No more guesswork.

Know what it takes to win!

Copy sample legal forms.

Watch the 5-hour video seminar (54 individual clips).

Download or listen online to 25 audio tutorials.

Attend 40 in-depth legal tactics classes.

Memorize knowledge at-a-glance charts.

Use the online Q&A Forum to get answers.

Do online legal research!

The winning formula

To win you must know the rules of the game.  You can't win a golf game with a tennis racket.  Knowledge is power and power brings confidence.  This is a fantastic course which brings a step by step guide on how to win 'according to the rules' of the court.  Click the button below to find out more.  Lawyers don't want you to have this information.  All the more reason to get it!

Recommended Books

The Christian History of the Constitution

Verna Hall's classic compilation of America's establishment as the world's first Christian Constitutional Republic restored to us the Providential approach to history and government. From this major volume springs the documentation of the Hand of God in the history of men and nations. The Christian idea of man and government traveled westward to America to appear as our American Constitutional Republic.

How I Beat Satan & the IRS

Comply with the law and be free!

Keep your money 12 different ways and be fully compliant

One Freeman's War

Amazing true story about American heroes who dared to challenge tyranny at every level.  Ordinary citizens had the government running scared!

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