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Below you will find a list of links to help you navigate our entire ecosystem with resources that will help you in business, finance, legal matters, spiritual growth, debt issues, the IRS and so much more.  Browse the list to be familiar with what's available and you'll have quick and direct access to the help you need when you need it. 


Membership based higher education resource center designed to empower members with knowledge on issues that affect our daily lives and are often hidden from plain view of the public.  Topics covered are too numerous to mention.  Explore the pages under 'Memberships'.  We have a related website devoted exclusively to PMAs.  Explore them both.

MMG Capital specializes in international asset protection, financial privacy and asset management using non-statutory, private business trusts aka Contractual Business Organizations. Included in this family are 'Monaco Management Group' , and MMG Financial Services

The main focus of WMC is to help people:  'Come Out of Babylon'.  WMC is a non-registered, non-denominational, web based community adhering to the teachings of Jesus, nothing more.  You'll find issues addressed here that you don't find many pastors or other churches addressing anywhere and it's all based on scripture, nothing more nothing less.  Check out the blog page for important messages.

The Panama Christian Foundation (PCF) is the mission outreach for WMC.  PCF has been very active is supporting youth activities, education and spiritual development as well as church building and providing food and medicine to those in desperate need.  

PureCafe is the Premium brand to upgrade your personal coffee experience, build passive cash flow (retirement income?)  or have an evergreen fundraiser for your church or organization.  Order a sample pack and try it for yourself.  You'll be supporting PCF and putting food on the table for those in need when you do!   Do you drink coffee?  Get some! 

The creator, founder and director of all of the above has an illustrious history and has been blessed with life experience that is rare.  You can learn more about Mark, his passions, history and activities on this page.

Video Platforms

This channel contains an absolute treasure trove of free knowledge and information.  Currently there are over 225 videos covering a broad list of useful topics organized in various playlists.  These videos represent literally thousands of hours of time in production, many videos having value added production and editing quality (home grown as it may be).  Bookmark this channel for your continuing education. 

This platform page contains various videos on MMG related activity such as; trading, asset protection, trusts, taxes, cryptocurrencies, business structuring and more.  

Vimeo #2 - Personal Interest

& Lighthouse Law related issues

This platform includes various 'video on demand' webinars which do some deep dives on topics such as: Private Member Associations, The Travel Issue, various IRS issues, Living as a 'PT' and many other free videos.  You'll have to explore for yourself.  Good stuff here!


The Private Traveller - 

Acquiring the PT Status

Remove yourself from commerce and start living on the private side.  This webinar reviews personal first hand experience in doing so and for those interested in this topic, this is not to be missed!

This trailer leads to a series of 8 separate videos delving to the world of financial privacy, asset protection, private trusts and related topics.  This is for serious privacy seekers.

Almost everything we've been taught growing up is a lie.  You're starting to understand that.   What do we do about it?  This webinar starts you on the road to an action plan.  Do you dare? 

Most people are not aware that the income tax laws do not apply to them!  Fact!  This webinar shows you how to get the law on your side and start dealing with reality rather than living in the world of 'volunteerism'.  Think about it.

Private Member Associations: 

Total Exemption for your Business 

Many business owners are tired of having the jackboot of the overlords on their neck. Use the existing law and be Free! There is a long history and count precedents wherein the law provides the path for your business to be 100% immune and exempt from codes, licences, ordinances, statutes, all forms of mandates, legislation, jurisdiction and prosecution.

This is a series of videos taken in the classes taught by LeRoy Schweitzer and the 'so called' Montana Freemen.  This group was so 'on point' uncovering government fraud and hidden secrets that they had to be attacked by the powers that be.  These teachings are timeless, much of it is not being taught anywhere and this represents a slice of history every American Patriot needs to be aware of.  Enjoy and learn! 

Useful Services

Income Opportunities

Complete step by step instruction is available to teach you how to build any internet business from scratch even if you have no experience or no idea what business to start.  Our millionaire mentors offer 10 different campuses with personalized instruction, tools and resources.  Set up an ecommerce site selling other peoples' products, or set up a system to sell your own services and expertise, scale your existing business, learn to trade and not have to deal with people, learn internet marketing and promote affiliate programs with no set-up, and so much more.  This program is invaluable.

As an agent for MMG (Monaco Management Group) you don't need to be an expert in finance, only be able to find people looking for better financial solutions and results and isn't that just about everybody?  You only open the door and let us do the rest.  Significant monthly residual income is available with only a couple of referrals.  Join our PMA to get the training emails and get started. 

This company has created over 400 coffee millionaires.  The only beverage people consume more than coffee is water.  200 million cups are consumed daily in America.  That's 6 Billion cups per month!  Almost everyone drinks coffee and when you have a premium 'feel good' brand to offer, think of the possibilities. Try some for yourself.

How many organizations such as church groups, missions, Non-profits, youth groups, community groups, podcasters, YouTubers and whoever is currently begging for donations needs our 'coffee fundraiser'?  Get on our mailing list and explore the possibilities.  

In the current economy, existing businesses need a cushion to allow for downturns.  Scaling up your business with the help of professionals who've been there and done that is only common sense.  

Nothing is more satisfying than learning how to trade and being master of your own destiny.  Our millionaire mentors have specialists to teach you to trade your own account and master the markets.  


Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Live Support

Get Live Support on your priority issues in our weekly zoom meetings.  Plus, members have 24/7 access to VIP documents, videos, ebooks and discussions.  Most all live sessions have transcripts, highlights and video replays for access and review any time during the week.  Free membership is also available to keep tabs on what is going on.  Be there!

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