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Get Involved

The list below presents a path for you to be engaged in our ‘Freedom Quest’ and we encourage you to participate as you are able.


Get on our email mailing list for important announcements and updates.  It’s free. Click Here

Join our Members Freedom Forum to exchange info and meet others.  It’s free to join the Basic plan and the Escape the Matrix channel is only $5 a month with other optional upgrades. Click Here.


Get special insights and personal support.  Join our Patreon page we call 'Fireside Chats' Check it out here.

Volunteer to support such as; helping with research, investigations, writing copy, video editing, script writing, helping new members, admin, marketing, social media, PR, building a local chapter or any one of a number of other possible areas.  Fill out a short questionnaire.  Click Here.

Offer your professional services to join our staff or become a preferred service provider.   Fill out a short questionnaire. Click Here

Form an Alliance with us.  If you manage or belong to another group, organization or firm you can join our team of alliance partners.  It gives you more exposure for what you do with our network and members may be in a position to help you achieve your goals as well.  Learn about the NATIONAL ACTION ALLIANCE:  For more,  Click Here

We can't do this without you!  Please consider supporting these critical efforts with a recurring monthly contribution.  We can only Win by standing Together!  See below to help.

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