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I've been a student of the law since the early 90's when I founded The American Law Club in Denver Colorado.  The club was for people like me who wanted to know the truth and use the law correctly to defend their God given rights, property and prosperity in the face of increasing abuse, lies and deception from the powers that be.    The resources on this page are my gift to you and represent over  30 years of research and personal first hand experience not only from myself but from many who have been walking with me on this journey.  I put my name and face on this page because I stand behind it.  I stand on the truth of the law and I stand on the righteousness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Enjoy the adventure of enlightenment and freedom!  - Mark

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

My Offer - Disclaimer

I'm giving almost a lifetime of work (mine and others)  to America for free because truth and freedom have never been more important.  I previously sold this course for $1500.  I offer this now for free because it needs to spread across America  like a Kansas grass fire on a windy day.  Our freedom is at stake.  We the people need to make a stand.  If you partake of this information all I ask of you is to share it (the link to this page) with everyone you know.  You will find a link below to a treasure trove of legal research and sample documents that will set America free!

Warning!  do NOT use the sample research documents 'as is'.  You must customize them to meet your particular situation and make sure they are appropriate for your issue.   It is incumbent upon you to look up every legal reference made to ensure that it is current and valid.  Laws change all the time.  This information is NOT legal advice.  It is research provided to you as a guide for reference and you are 100% solely and exclusively responsible for it's correct use and application.   Bear in mind that some of the contact information is outdated and not applicable.  Verify everything before using it.  One thing to remember, nothing works for everybody all the time.  You are likely dealing with criminals who are liable to react in different ways and you must have sufficient knowledge and mastery of the subject matter you raise to be able to defend it on your own.  Know your documents inside and out.  I suggest that you form a local study group (i.e. law club) and meet occasionally to share ideas, findings and results. 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Anthony Hudson Interview:
Congressional candidate's emotional appeal urging all Americans to 'Stop Paying Taxes'! 


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Support and Guidance

Join our Live Support Group.  Our Fireside chats are every Wednesday night when you can get help for your issues with answers to your questions and hear from other members and what they are experiencing.  All sessions are recorded so you'll never miss a session!  Be a VIP on our Patreon page for only $39. 

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Webinar Overview

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This webinar of 1 hour 14 minutes presents you with the proper context of how our course is set and what principles we are operating under.  This will be extremely helpful in allowing you to navigate the resources in the files.   Watch the trailer   Check it Out

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

What You Can Do in Support

Upon success, we'd ask you to share 20% of the most recent year's taxes that you now don't have to pay.   Yes, any increments of that are fine on a monthly basis if that helps.

Funds we receive are used first to provide assistance and support of our fellow Americans who are under heavy oppression.  Many families are being ruined by abject corruption which is stealing property, ruining businesses, creating enough stress to break up relationships, leaving people destitute and penniless and the list goes on. 

We can provide paralegal research, document prep, coaching and the like.  

With enough funds we'd like to initiate counter suits against criminal perpetrators in their personal capacity for ultra vires acts and start collecting damages.  Yes, we know the courts are incredibly corrupt.  We feel that as this wave of support for a return to the rule of law and against corruption gains strength across the country the actors involved will start to get the message that if they wish to avoid the gallows, they'll return to the rule of law! 

In addition to the resources above you can make donations either one time or we'd prefer a monthly recurring donation to provide us a base to build a budget on. 

Your receipt will be in the name of PCF World Mission LLC


Now is the time we all need to come together and become the unstoppable force we were meant to be!

Thank you so much! 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Thank You!

We love sharing and collaborating with others.  Let's talk!

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