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This is your strategic war room for economic & financial independence

Asset Protection & Privacy

Alternative Banking & Finance

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Golden Suisse

Golden Suisse is a 'non-bank', Swiss gold & silver dealer, vault, and exchange. You can hold your metals in safekeeping and spend them as needed with a bank wire transfer or no-limit debit card.  $100k minimum to open an account


My Assets Card

Start building your pile of up to 5 precious metals and have access to liquidity with your own debit card. Start with almost any amount.  Low minimums. 

More Alternative Banking & Finance

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Old Glory Bank

Old Glory is a small town local bank with traditional American values.  They say that their mission statement was published in 1781, is found online and some call it the united States Constitution!  This is an FDIC insured bank and subject to the corporate laws, but if you need a new bank, this might be a good option.



Choose gold and silver as money. Protect your wealth. Be part of the only monetary system that gives back.  They share profits with account holders.  Kinesis works with crypto, fiat, gold and silver plus is set up for multiple payments at a click for business purposes or bill paying. A debit card also available which allows you to spend your gold, silver or crypto wherever Mastercard is accepted.


Glint Pay

Glint believes in financial fairness for all.


Glint was invented to liberate everyone from our current monetary system.


Glint offers an alternative to fiat currencies enabling our clients to buy, save, send and spend allocated gold with the flexibility of Mastercard.

Auto-Trading with Bots

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Crypto Robotics

CryptoRobotics - trading platform and crypto trading bots

  • Crypto trading bots

  • OCO bots

  • Copytrading

  • FUTURES trading

  • Signal trading

  • Crypto exchange APIs

Crypto Resources

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Recommended Wallets

The safest way to handle crypto is to have your own cold storage wallet and take the crypto 'offline'

Here are two good options. The Trezor unit works great with the Exodus online wallet you can find at


Bitcoin Basics eBook

This ebook is designed for beginners and covers all the basics


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Patriotic Theme 

Sample Proposal

This is a sample proposal for NATF and can be used 'as is' or customized for another group.


Humanitarian/Church Theme - Sample Proposal

This is a sample proposal for members of WMC.  Can be customized for any organization


You could make a good living being a 'fundraising specialist'

The needs for fundraising are endless.  Everyone is asking for donations and that business model is worn out.   Become a Specialist and help yourself while helping others.  Full training available. 

Investing for Growth or Passive Income

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The MMG Crisis Management Plan (CMP)  - Intro

This is a short 5-minute teaser video on the CMP.  The CMP is designed to be a lifeboat in the face of global economic distress. 


The MMG Crisis Management Plan -
Full Presentation

This presentation is 18 minutes and highlights the need to 'divest' from USD denominated assets ASAP.  This is one of the best alternatives available. 


Residual Income as a Referral Agent

Even those with nothing to invest can generate long term monthly residual income as a referral agent.  Full training & support is provided.

More on Investing for Passive Income

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25% Monthly Return
Hands Free Passive Cash Flow

This is a traditional internet traffic marketing business and pays like clockwork every 30 days.  It's been offline for a couple months due to a major overhaul of it's software and platform but is coming back online the end of January 2024.  Watch your email for announcements.

Private Consultation

To arrange a private consultation
pick a meeting time at

Private Member Associations - PMAs

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Presentation and offer from Lighthouse Law Club 

This is a good overview and offer using a trust as the vehicle along with all the other requirements. 


Becoming Immune from Regs and more

This presentation is a 2-hour webinar covering all aspects of the PMA.   Knowledge is the foundation for Action.  Don't miss this! 


Do It Yourself Option

We offer a guided DIY option.  Seek consultation for this. 

Building Your Own Business
Learn From Millionaires who are 
Doing It

Building Business Credit

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Business Credit without 

Personal Guarantee

There is no need to risk your home, your family and everything you own to get business credit.  Follow this system and eliminate that risk. 


Build Business Credit

Follow this proven system and within 12 months qualify for a minimum of $50,000, perhaps much more depending on your business.

Misc. Video Library

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