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Personal Independence

Living healthy with alternative solutions to the weaponized medical industry

It’s easy to see how the medical industry has been weaponized and is being used to control the entire population.  We must break free from this system and find our own means and methods to provide health care in a parallel free system which is truly ‘healthy’.

Natural remedies to replace much of ‘Big Pharma’

God has given us everything we need to be strong and healthy in nature.  We must shift our reliance on ‘drugs’ to natural remedies which are cheaper, more effective and without side effects.

Food, Water And Energy You Can Trust

We are being poisoned by the processed food we eat from corporate conglomerates.  We need to re-educate ourselves on how to eat healthy.  In addition to this, massive control systems are being put into place in relation to the food and water industries.  We must have alternatives.  Let’s learn about those.

Alternative Banking & Finance For Privacy and Protection

Banks are a major control lever used to coerce us into compliance with globalist systems.  There are alternatives and we must take full advantage to remain free.

Creating Regulatory Immunity for Small Business

The law is very clear as to whom the statutory regulations apply to and to whom they do NOT apply to.  When you understand this your business could very well be free from regulatory control.  Think of the possibilities.

Learn to Fly Under The Radar Options for Changing Legal Status

Who wouldn’t want to just say, ‘Hey, I’m outta here.  See ya!” 

We all dream of that,  Am I right?

Play your cards right and it could be much more than just a dream.  Members only.

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