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Another Victory in Court

We have numerous unsolicited testimonies of people who are not even members who learn the basics from one free video we offer on YouTube "HOW TO WIN IN COURT - STATUS STANDING & AGENCY" and they are winning in court with this info and nothing more. You'll find this listed on the Training Programs page in the 'Self Governance' section. Think about how you can be empowered if you really dig in and get involved with us in your own educational process! Here is the testimonial from @sevenchild9571

"I did this to see if it will it work on purpose on my case which was an unlawful detainer case. That's all I had to work with. I don't get into trouble so I didn't pay my last month I was moving my case which was in Superior Court in California it went better than I thought it would. They made sure I was the last person but 1st on the list to be heard after I didn't get on the ship, The judge started to state that the Name wasn't in court I started saying what I learned. The judge and the clerk both put their heads down after I brought fourth the defendant. I finished my statement and waited after asking was this a court of record, I looked around at the plaintiff attorney the bailiff and a witness and my husband was only left in the court room after I was done I released the judge and clerk by stating I Accept Your Silence, because their heads were still down like they were writing something the judge said "I Was Present" and they both left the court room and the bailiff said "you're free to go", but that judge wasn't at that court anymore. Maybe he got transferred or let go I don't know but this works. Mark is one smart man... it works... trust me it works and I wasn't playing their game at all and he knew it."

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