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Public Enemy #1

Updated: May 18, 2023

Federal Judge Wages War on America by Intentionally and Willfully Subverting the Law.

We've documented judicial corruption for the public record

Jeffrey Helmick, under the cover of impersonating a judge in federal court, has voluntarily stepped outside of his delegated authority with ultra vires acts and thus has assumed personal liability by creating violent trespass upon the rights and due process which are afforded to all Americans and in so doing he has violated his oath of office and has attempted insurrection against the laws of the United States of America. This is 'Treason'. NATF is making every effort to expose him and hold him accountable. See the video 'Public Enemy #1' in the featured videos section of the website where you will get access to the case which is fully documented.

Jeffrey J. Helmick attempts to overthrow American Law
Rogue judge violates oath

NATF is making every effort to hold him accountable and bring charges of Treason against him and others like him. This is a serious effort which needs support from true Americans who value the 'Rule of Law' and the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution for the united States of America. Please support this effort with a small contribution. Click Here.

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