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Small Business Marketing

About Your Business

You have a business. Things aren’t as good or as easy as they used to be.  You have a big hat rack because of all the hats you need to wear in order to make things happen properly.  You do the best you can but don’t always have the time or expertise to do the job that really needs to be done.


You need more clients


You need more cash flow


You need more time to make it happen but the time or expertise is not there.


That’s why you need the NATF Small Business Marketing team

We’ve assembled a crack team to create the tools and systems you need to generate more clients and cash flow.


We believe in the American Free Enterprise System. We understand that the dream is not as strong as it once was and that so many small businesses are struggling.


For that reason, we’d like to create a relationship with you and your business to team up and help you accelerate your achievement of that dream.  With stronger business we have stronger communities.  With stronger communities we have a stronger nation.  This is the fabric of America that we want to support.


In the spirit of collaboration and mutual benefit, our initial fees are very low and if we do our job properly, we’ll help you first and foremost and then, with success, we hope to share in the newfound prosperity with some performance bonuses on the back-end.


We’ll be using the time tested (old school) techniques that our founder has used  to build lists and subscribers in the tens of  thousands.


Beyond that, we’ll be using leading edge technology in social media, copywriting, list building, landing pages, videography, graphic arts, ad creation, automation, workflows, chatbots, CRM (client relations management), free ads, paid ads, and so much more.

We are a Boutique Content Creator which will set you up with an effective and efficient client acquisition and management system to add to your bottom line with the lowest price resistance possible.  We are not a full blown Ad agency or marketing platform.


You will be pleasantly surprised that we are not in line with the ‘averages’ where the average cost for digital marketing services in 2024 ranges from $2500 to $12,000 per month, $50 to $500+ per hour, and $1000 to $7500 per project for small-to-midsized businesses, in case you were wondering. See our offer below…


Here is a short list of some of our capabilities which we encourage you to explore.  

Identifying your target market

Let’s identify your absolutely ideal client so we know exactly who to look for and where and how to appeal to them.


Analysis of Free Ads and Paid Ad Options

There are limitless options on the internet these days.  We’ll identify some of the best options for each type.


Funnels > Landing pages > Automated Work Flows

We want to attract peoples’ interest and curiosity to learn more. They inquire by clicking a button or going to a site which puts them into a ‘funnel’ where their contact information is captured on a landing page and they are added to a list from which  we can start drip feeding them information with autoresponder emails to satisfy and/or intensify their interest and lead them to a sale.  In sales, timing is everything.  By drip feeding them useful info over time. We’re always in sight so when the time is right…We’re there! And the best client is a well informed client.


Automated Work Flows generate the appropriate and distinct responses based on a prospect's specific actions to keep them engaged and moving forward.

Attracting clients and building client lists.

Your list is your most valuable asset.  Continually building a core of new clients and then creating repeat business with your existing clients is all based on your ‘client and prospect lists’.


Create, expand and push social media presence.

This is where many people congregate these days isn’t it?
We go where the people are.


Copywriting > Promotions > Articles > Emails

Copywriting is a skill.  Most business owners know their business very well.  Skillfully writing about it…. maybe not so much!  Let the experts help you.   


Promotional Hooks

A promotional hook is like a slogan or byline that highlights the benefits to a prospective client in a short, catchy phrase.  Promotional hooks can be used in the copywriting, ad creation, merch or other promotional materials.


Website development & optimization

This is a pre-requisite for most businesses today.  All businesses need an attractive and informative website that motivates prospective clients to take action.  We trust that you already have one. If you like, we’ll assist with an analysis and optimization process.


Promotional videos

Today people are lazy.  They prefer to watch a video than to read long texts.  This is something we can discuss and incorporate into your marketing strategy.


Tell us a little about your business and we'll arrange a time to meet and discuss the possibilities. 


Our Core Offers

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can explore some possibilities

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