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Financial Services

The time has come to take control of your finances and minimize your exposure to banks and the coming CBDCs.  Check out the most advanced alternative banking solution which you can start using today. 

You need an easy way to spend your crypto.  You need a debit card which you can use like a VISA to spend your Bitcoin, USDT or whatever you have!  This is one of many useful services you'll have access to as a member of the NATF Business Club. 

The key to privacy and asset protection is to own nothing and control everything!  Be a 'Pauper on Paper and live like a king!'

The traditional markets are ready to collapse.  Will your portfolio go down with the ship?  This 18 minute video might save your financial future! 

Take control of your IRA, get out of traditional boring markets and watch it grow exponentially when you can direct the funds where you like and where they will be most productive. 

Operating in the Private is nothing like operating in the Public like most everyone does.  This webinar will show you the differences and how and why a PMA is so important and effective.  Say goodby to taxes and government regulators!


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