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Updated: May 11, 2023

We seek volunteers to assist in the categories listed below. With growth and funding, we expect that many volunteer positions may lead to paid positions. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to help us with a particular fundraising program and earn solid monthly residual income if they choose to take advantage of that. It's a win-win-win situation.

Internet Researcher - Parallel Society

This volunteer position involves scouring the internet to compile a list of services, products and providers who can help us compile a resource center enabling our members to find alternatives to institutionalized, status quo products and services which only feed the system.

Internet Researcher - National Action Alliance

This volunteer position involves scouring the internet to compile a list of freedom minded organizations, influencers and services who would be candidates to join the N.A.A. With this list, contact would be made with the candidates to encourage them to join us in the N.A.A. We intend to build relationships accordingly.

Video Editor

The successful candidate will show through previous work a mastery of the use of images, transitions, use of text, sound and and effects to result in impactful presentations. A majority of presentations will be 5-10 minutes. We will likely be doing shorts and more lengthy documentaries as well so the work will be varied.

Research Analyst & Script Writer

We seek someone who has the ability to review legal documents, transcripts and extract key info from personal interviews and/or news briefings and be able to recognize the legal implications of what is uncovered. With the raw data this candidate will draw up a story line aka script to demonstrate the result and/or implications of the subject matter. The script is for video production purposes. Paralegal or legal research knowledge & experience is important to understand legal themes and arrive at valid conclusions based on the evidence.

Tech Support

We seek someone who is able to demonstrate a proficient knowledge of various forms of technology to keep our websites, communications, servers, apps, systems and other tech with optimal functionality, ease of use and leading edge appeal.

Member Services Director

The purpose of The MSD is to welcome and assist new members, and all members, in getting maximum benefit from membership. This includes getting to know their goals and objectives, guiding them to the appropriate resources, being a liaison between members and the steering committee etc. Interaction with members is the primary objective so that they are ‘engaged’! The MSD will be able to guide members to the information they need or handle any questions about member services, portals, libraries or other matters concerning members use of our services, systems or educational programs.

If interested... Please fill out this short questionnaire and we'll be able to be in contact ASAP.

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